Timberline Landscaping Launches GAP Year Opportunity, Pioneering as one of the First For-Profit Companies to Embrace the Program

Colorado Springs landscape company, Timberline Landscaping, is excited to announce its’ first-ever GAP Year Opportunity. Timberline will offer program employees the ultimate experience for work and play, while providing epic mountain adventures in Colorado. This is the first program of its kind within the landscape industry.

GAP Year employees will enjoy a full-time position with Timberline Landscaping, 2 to 3 day weekends, competitive pay, and benefits. Timberline will offer guided recreational opportunities, classes related to life-skills, and opportunities to participate in community service projects. Recreational opportunities will include backpacking, rafting, hiking, and rock climbing, among others.

“Many people are looking to take a structured break from education or a career path to pursue goals related to their self-development and service to others,” says Chris Loncar, HR Manager. “Timberline is giving those individuals an opportunity to work good jobs while having Colorado adventures. We want to be able to give participants the chance to gain greater clarity on what they want to do in life while working for a company that is committed to their success. We hope, that for many, this will translate into a passion for horticulture through landscaping.”

In Spring 2018, Timberline participated in the Landscape Career Pathways internship program with Falcon District 49. The launch of their GAP year program expands on the company’s commitment to give individuals the opportunity to succeed in the workforce, while providing a Colorado adventure experience.

Timberline hopes the GAP Year program will foster the creation of emerging leaders in the landscape industry.

For more information on Timberline’s GAP Year Opportunity, click here: https://timberlinelandscaping.com/gap-year/.  Apply to the GAP Year Program by email at employment@timberlinelandscaping.com.